EthioCircus Entertainment Association

Ethiocircus Entertainment Association was established in 2000 in northern part of Ethiopia with its few members to run the overall operation. It was named Circus Mekelle in the early stages of its operation. Now it has changed the name to Ethiocircus Entertaninment Association and its members has grown dramatically and now it has more than 180 members.This organization has been working on different crucial social matters both internationally and locally, for that awarded different medals and more acknowledgement letters together with acreditation letters.


The ultimate vision of Ethiocircus Entertainment Association is to have a healthy and mentally wealthy gerneration by developing cultural values in the area of sport and entertainment.


The mission of Ethiocircus Entertainment Association is to incorporate the new generation and the youngsters in having and making awareness so as to be strong mentally ad physically against social affairs.


Ethiocircus as a legal association is now trying to enlarge the activities in a variety of entertainment and related activities to perform in an international stages where culture and social values will be shared and experienced



Real time stage performance show by Ethiocircus entertainment artists in Turkey local megazine.


Other Occasions

Ethiocircus Entertainment Association has been engaged itself to different occasions other than circus and related activities like entertainment and modelling activities. We can say that modelling is almost dead in the entire state, so we are giving a shot to gain a rebirth of this art!




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Ethiocircus Entertainment Association is now ready to recruit more models in Addis Ababa and the entire nation. Interested candidates can contact us or call us.



Ethiocircus Entertainment Association would like to announce the new registration for those who would like to be part of the association and who wants to get a perfect circus trainings.We are now on our testing level and this new activity will be announced shortly.

For further information please Contact us on the following addresses.

+251914707072 ,+251961076045




Our Artists performing at Turkey stages


The medias in Turkey are very excited by the performace of these artists and this picture is on their local megazine.