Ethiocircus entertainment association is a well organized and a leading team in the field of circus and entertainment.  We have been entertaining our local and international audiences for the last 14 years with different activities and we have gained different certificates, acknowledgement letters and most of all experience from different groups.
Ethiocircus Entertainment Association has passed different stages to be where it is now, it was called Circus Mekelle after gaining its legal entity. We have taken part in different shows both internationally and locally. This organization has more than 180 members from different parts of the country with a variety of religions, tribe and ethnicity. Therefore to centralize all these varieties we are now changing to ETHIOCIRCUS ENTERTAINMENT ASSOCIATION.

Ethiocircus Entertainment Association was established in 2000 in northern part of Ethiopia with its few members to run the overall operation. It was named Circus Mekelle in the early stages of its operation. Now it has changed the name to Ethiocircus Entertaninment Association and its members has grown dramatically and now it has more than 180 members.

This organization has been working on different crucial social matters both internationally and locally, for that awarded different medals and more acknowledgement letters together with acreditation letters.

What we do...

1. Shows

Over the last 14 years our crew members has participated in thousands of circus and entertainment festivals in Ethiopia and abroad. The overall show includes circus shows of different kinds, music shows of traditional type and musical theatre for different occasions. we can say that we know the business and we are the best in the field and for that we have received different kinds of awards, accreditations and acknowledgement letters from government offices, non governmental offices and from different organizers in Europe and Asia.
The key to our success is practice, we practice everyday in a scientific manner and based on our calendar we perform some shows in some preferred areas for free.

2. Trainings

Ethiocircus Entertainment Association has schedules for trainings for its crew and street children. The main aim of our association is to entertain people, teach social and psychological issues, knowledge transfer in order to a healthy and mentally wealthy society. We provide a weekly training for more than ten street children for free. The reason why we limit this to ten is because we have to provide the children free training, food and transportation. Therefore it is going to be hard to provide such services for more than ten or twelve children at a time.

3. Recreation and rehabilitation program for street children

More than twice a month, we facilitate a recreational and rehabilitation program in center of the city where it is situated to participate more people at a time. To do that we have to get permission from some government office so that we will get easy security for all. In this show we will provide musical theatre on social and cultural issues like making awareness against HIV and other social issues, music show and circus shows.
This is mainly concerned with awareness raising, rehabilitation and recreation to the children and other audiences.

4. Experience and capacity building program

In the ever changing world, globalization has major effects. There are many ways to develop skill and abilities of the crew like watching video, browsing to the internet and going there in person and share experiences. So in order to learn more about different skills and cultural values, we always are there to facilitate a program with different circus associations and professionals to share what we have and gain in return. We also have different contacts abroad to contact us on any occasions that we can participate. We have sent some of our crew members abroad to get training.

Gallary Pictures

These are a real time performance by our artists in different shows that our association performs. we gain differnet awards from local and international hosts.